Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Presenting.... WHA????

Hey you guys it's Michael (wreckin' on this microphone... err, keyboard- same difference). Anyway, as far as the presentation goes, I was thinking we go in segments but almost as though it were a talk show. Either Neha or I would be the talk show host- or hosts- and we'd be discussing Google. We could call each of you in to discuss and give your side of the project for the first half hour ( and also have some humorous dialogue/ banter). After the show was over we could then have a fifteen minute game, followed by fifteen minutes of food (aka thank you for listening to our long as all get out presentation). How's that sound?

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Jesse Pegg said...

I think you should make the presentation into a rap. I'll be the beat box and the rest of the group can be the Google Dancers.