Monday, October 29, 2007

From Trevor,

This is very inciteful as to what Google is doing with this acquisition of Doubleclick.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Look what happened today!

Pulling Questions

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Deadline has passed..turn in ASAP!

Hey guys! I still haven't received everyone's research part. Michael and I have to put everything together by the 24th, so we need everyone to turn in their part by tomorrow at 5pm! Please post it on communication, group pages, google, file exchange! Hope everyone is having a good weekend! See you guys Monday!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Presenting.... WHA????

Hey you guys it's Michael (wreckin' on this microphone... err, keyboard- same difference). Anyway, as far as the presentation goes, I was thinking we go in segments but almost as though it were a talk show. Either Neha or I would be the talk show host- or hosts- and we'd be discussing Google. We could call each of you in to discuss and give your side of the project for the first half hour ( and also have some humorous dialogue/ banter). After the show was over we could then have a fifteen minute game, followed by fifteen minutes of food (aka thank you for listening to our long as all get out presentation). How's that sound?

Posting Research ishh...

Hey guys! Jesse told me about posting stuff on blackboard and it actually works out really well. So, from now on, if you everyone could post their stuff on blackboard that would be great! You go to communication, then group pages, google, file exchange, and then hit add!

See ya in class!


G History posted to Bb

I'm blowing up the blog here alone. Let me know if you have trouble accessing the doc on Bb and I'll send it through email. For the presentation I think it would be helpful to present some information in graphs to show trends in growth in areas like # of employees, number of search queries handled per day, number of web pages indexed, revenue/total value, etc... I can do a decent job with that and don't mind doing it, but someone with good experience graphing might do a better job. Anyone?

We need to start discussing some ideas for the presentation.