Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Google vs. Competition

"More Evil Than Google?"

"Microsoft, Google May Go Head to Head"

"Google vs. Everyone"

"How Search Engines Work: Search Engine Relevancy Reviewed"

1) Search: dominant
2) Advertising: leader
3) Video: leader (YouTube)
4) Blogging:
5) Mobile
6) Start Pages
7) Communications
8) Social Networking
9) Photo Sharing
10) Office Suite

Google became a dominating force in search industry with superior

algorithmic code that was designed to retrieve sites based on relevance,

not biased sponsored links. They used that as a foundation to expand

into advertising through keywords and paid per click links. Holding 56%

of the market,it is currently financially strong enough to expand into

other markets and play significant roles there, most notably in the

video market through its acquisition of YouTube for $1.6 billion in

November 2006. Other areas where Google is just now beginning to

develop include Office Suite, Blogging, Start Pages, and much more.

What currently separates Google from its competitors is its far reach

into industries and markets that expand beyond Google's original purpose

as a search engine.

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