Saturday, October 6, 2007

Formatting our research

Hey guys,

Hope everybody's having a great weekend!

I started writing my Google research up in paragraph form, like a research paper, when I realized that I was probably making this harder on myself and for the folks who are pulling everything together in the end. I'm sure that we all have very different writing writing styles, so the end product folks will be applying their own style to all of the research in order to make a consistent-feeling project write up. It seems like that would be easier to do if all of the information was in note form... bullets maybe, rather than paragraph form. It would also be faster to write up the research in bullets. It would be a lot faster to find the key points and to determine what works together vs what doesn't and then apply your own style to final write-up. If the bullet uses a quote then use parenthetical citation in the bullet and list the sources at the end in APA format.

What do you guys think?

Oh, on another note, I emailed google corporate relations on the odd chance that they have tons of advertising stuff sitting around that they could send us to use to create a Google-esque environment for our presentation. I thought pencils or silly hats would be good to use as prizes if we play a game. It's a long shot, but it would be really cool if they came through! That's my A-level contribution as a substitute for making a google cake. I'll let you know if I hear back.


Leo C said...

Google was not the first to the search engine party, they came into a saturated market and won the users over from other search services at the time.

Online ads are for real now, as people increasingly shift time from tv/newspapers to the net. Google's at the forefront of online ads at the moment and they are the 800 pound gorilla to beat. You guys have it in one of the themes, google is exploring every facet they could get into, and are on track to make fantastic products. It's possible to see your house on google earth, it's entirely possible that they have better quality images thats not available to the public.

The digital age means every piece of information is stored and kept somewhere. Google has long had the "cahed page" on their searches, they keep copies of the material they index.

If they do become a mega corporation, and grow beyond companies such as time warner company that seems to own half of the mass media. If and when they have better intelligence and computation capability than the national agencies, that and plus the globalization element. How much power could a single corporation have? (ex: Some fear Murdoch's influence in the media properties he controls and how it may influence national politics.)

If information is power, and a company has records of every piece of digitized information... ?

Neha Harwani said...

jesse, that would be awesome! thats a really good idea, i hope they pull through!